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View your true profit and ROI. Monitor your sales and orders. Analyze your advertising spend. Track your keywords. View and compare trends. Identify new opportunities. All with pinpoint accuracy to optimize and grow your Amazon FBA or FBM business.

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Who is Seller Spike for?

Compatible with North American, UK and European Seller Central Accounts, Seller Spike was created to help Amazon Sellers get the most out of their Amazon Marketplace business. Whether you are an FBA or FBM private label seller, a retail arbitrage seller or an agency, Seller Spike provides you with the insights and transparency you need to be successful and profitable selling on Amazon.


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The Amazon Seller Tools That Spike Your Profits

Seller Insights

Tracking your real-time sales data and profits for all of your seller accounts has never been easier. Whether you want to compare today’s sales with last week’s or want a detailed breakdown of every cost affecting your ROI, our industry leading Seller Insights dashboard has you covered. Use our powerful all-in-one charting tool to monitor and compare almost any cost, expense or performance indicator over time.

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Product Insights

Drill down into the detailed metrics of an individual ASIN or SKU with our Product Insights dashboard. Whether you are comparing the number of organic sales with sponsored advertising sales, percentage changes in profit margin, or the number of daily refunds, our comprehensive suite of tools ensures you have the full transparency you need to make important decisions on a product-by-product basis.

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Settlement Insights

Looking to get into the nitty-gritty of your settlement reports? Want to know every expense and cost you incur? The Settlement Insights dashboard is exactly what you never knew you needed. Breaking down every Amazon transaction to the penny.

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Keyword & BSR Insights

Monitoring keyword and best seller rankings (BSR) is critical to ensuring you maximize your sales and conversion rates on Amazon. Use our advanced analysis tools to monitor both keyword rank performance and changes to BSR on all of your products over any timeframe.

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Order Insights

Viewing the exact play-by-play of your orders has never been easier. Use our comprehensive Order Insights dashboard to monitor what orders have been placed, when they were placed, whether they've shipped and more, all in an easy to analyze format.

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Being a new seller on Amazon can be somewhat intimidating but being able to see your PROFIT in REAL time is just amazing! Having multiple products on Seller Spike is awesome to see at a glance, and helps me to see what my profitability looks like. Great Job to the Seller Spike team!
Tom W
Amazon Seller
Seller Spike offers a powerful piece of software that every Amazon seller must-have. And if you have questions, their support team will help out. I’m using Seller Spike to manage my entire seller account.
Susan T
Amazon Seller
Having a large number of merchant accounts can be hard to manage with other software. But I’ve found that Seller Spike’s intuitive easy to use and powerful software has made all the difference in my large company.
Eric Q
Amazon Seller - Multiple Merchant Accounts
Like some Amazon sellers, I ran out of stock, losing a lot of money, because the coupon code got around… Seller Spike is the FIRST TOOL I know that could have saved me from this problem – it shows you exactly which sales are organic and which are promotions! It’s Fantastic!
Shawn G
Amazon Seller

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Supported Regions

Seller Spike is fully compatible with North America, Europe & Far East Seller Central Accounts Regions. Supported regions include the USA (.us), Canada (.ca), Mexico (, United Kingdom (, Germany (.de), France (.fr), Italy (.it), Spain (.es), Netherlands (.nl) and Japan (