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Amazon FBA Sellers: How Social Media can Drive More Business


Because Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, some new Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers assume that all they need to do is open a store and watch the profits roll in. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy. Building a loyal customer base takes time, and with so much competition around every corner, you’ll have your work cut out for you starting out.

Of course, all hope is never lost, even for Amazon FBA sellers who have yet to gain traction. With the technology we have literally at our fingertips, it’s easier to get your message out there. It’s reaching the right people -- and distinguishing your voice from the crowd -- that makes marketing your Amazon store so tricky. Thankfully, there’s Amazon social media tactics that can help sellers market their products.

Chances are, you’re already involved in some capacity with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. You might not have even considered just how much of a difference these sites can make in your Amazon store. But with Amazon social media marketing, you can leverage these platforms to drive business like never before.

Two Types of Amazon Social Media

Before you leap headfirst into attempting to use social media to boost your Amazon business, you first need to understand the methodology. After all, you wouldn’t kickstart a traditional marketing campaign without first understanding your options. So to develop a winning strategy, you’ll need to gain a more detailed understanding of Amazon social media marketing.

By and large, you’ll have two primary routes to choose from. The first of these uses organic social media traffic to generate business leads. This is the kind of homegrown social media following you probably think of first. On the plus side, you don’t have to devote a large chunk of your budget to developing organic traffic. But it will involve taking some extra time to cultivate.

The second Amazon social media marketing strategy relies on paid methods such as ads to generate product sales. Of course, social media ads aren’t the only way to pay your way to additional exposure. We’ll get a bit more in-depth on how you can identify and implement either of the two social media marketing methods to help your business grow.


Organic methods

Starting your own account

The most straightforward way of organically promoting your Amazon FBA business over social media is to simply start an account yourself. The more specific your niche, the better chance you’ll have of setting yourself apart from other Amazon sellers. Once you have your account ready to go, you can begin creating posts promoting your store and its products.

With much time and patience, you’ll be able to boost the traffic to your Amazon store and, by extension, elevate your sales figures at the same time. You’ll want to experiment with different kinds of posts released at varying times of day to discover what works best for your ideal customer base. Most importantly, be an honest and authentic advocate for your store.

Add value for your followers

However, if all your account does is post a series of homegrown ads, you’re unlikely to get much engagement from users. Focus on building relationships with your followers and create a network of like-minded individuals. This connectivity will naturally extend to your Amazon store, and because you didn’t come at them with a hard sell, you’re more likely to make an impression.

You want to prove to your followers and connections that your account brings some form of value to their lives. You could provide your followers with promo codes to incentivize them to check out your store, use Amazon Associates links in shareable content, or even hold a contest or giveaway based on your social media engagement.  

Purchase an established account

One notable alternative, however, is to opt out of starting your own social media account entirely. Building a following and establishing a brand on social media sites can be time-consuming. And you simply might not want to spend the time or energy on Amazon social media marketing. If that’s the case, you can still leverage these platforms.

How, you may ask? Well, rather than starting from zero followers and working your way up little by little, you can just purchase an account that is already popular. In doing so, you’ll have instant access to their following, which you can then use to promote your Amazon store. Sure, this approach is a hybrid of paid and organic. But it still works.



Paid methods

Choose your platform wisely

Before you pursue any of the paid Amazon social media tactics, you’ll want to conduct a bit of your own research. After all, not every business is equally a good fit for the audience you’re trying to reach. So you should always aim to target your social media efforts on the platform that best matches the kind of consumer you want to capture.

Social media effort can mean either a ton of extra work or a significant investment. If you’re unsure how much of either you want to devote to Amazon social media marketing, then we recommend focusing on a single platform or two to concentrate your efforts there. This way, you can maximize your visibility and potential profits.

Start placing social media ads

When you’re looking to scale your Amazon business, taking out social media ads on sites like Facebook and Instagram can go a long way toward getting you there. These platforms have more data on their users than you ever will. So it makes sense you’d want to tap into these metrics, allowing them to optimize certain elements as well.

Of course, you’ll also want to crunch the numbers before you decide how much of your budget you want to devote to Amazon social media marketing. You need to ensure the turnout from your ads exceeds the cost of acquisition. Otherwise, you could wind up in the hole, struggling to make ends meet because you overspend on ads. Scale your sale!

Turn to influencer marketing

Much like how we earlier suggested you purchase a successful social media account outright, influencer marketing gives you the chance to let others do your hard work. Through this approach, you buy shout-outs and posts from online influencers to promote your product. And because they have a devoted following, you reap the benefits.

In recent years, this approach has grown in popularity. But it’s still not the norm, at least not for small businesses like your Amazon store. Using affiliate links in collaboration with influencers in your field can work wonders on your business. An influencer is someone whose opinions, thoughts, and content matter. So they make excellent partners. 

The above breakdown is, of course, a very broad view of the ways in which Amazon social media marketing can benefit your business. Before you make any concrete plans, be sure to consider all your options. Oftentimes, the path you least expect to work will completely change how you see yourself, your customers, and your business as a whole. Amazon social media might seem like a big swing, but it could be the very catalyst you need to grow your store.

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Originally published Apr 15, 2020 3:46:03 PM / Updated June 5, 2020