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How to get Customer Reviews on Amazon for your FBA Business


Competition is fierce for Amazon FBA sellers. Accordingly, the search for new and innovative ways to foster long-term growth is never-ending. Yet, despite the desire for an easy way to Amazon success, perhaps the greatest currency an Amazon seller can amass remains customer reviews.

Of course, this doesn’t trump the need for a quality product, top-notch customer service, and all the other elements customers would expect from a satisfying transaction. But you cannot underestimate the value customer reviews can bring to your store. However, there’s the difficult question of “How?”

Even if you’ve been actively seeking an influx of customer reviews, you’re probably wondering how to get reviews on Amazon. Amazon product reviews don’t write themselves, of course. So you need to make a concerted effort to inspire your customers to take time out to write a positive review. 

Why You Absolutely Need Amazon Product Reviews


Even in today’s technology-heavy world, few marketing strategies can match the power of word of mouth. The reason, it seems, is simple. By their very nature, people tend to gravitate toward others’ personal experiences. Even if you have 100% satisfaction on every sale you’ve ever made and your marketing focuses heavily on that fact, it would be less effective than having countless positive customer reviews.

  • Better than marketing: Think about it. So often consumers -- ourselves included -- turn to those around us for personal recommendations. Whether it’s what brand of detergent to use or where to bring your car for service, you more than likely trust this advice more than a marketing campaign designed to win your attention and, by extension, your business. 

  • Create a consensus: Of course, a single Amazon product review might not carry the weight of a suggestion from a close friend or family member. But that’s why you want to collect as many positive reviews as you can: to earn a consensus about how great your product really is. The more customer feedback you have, the less anecdotal and more convincing your rating and reviews can be.

  • Win new business: Whenever an Amazon shopper begins searching for an item, the customer reviews are often one of the deciding factors in their purchase. So they can often make a significant boost in your bottom line. With strong customer reviews, you stand out from the crowd and inspire hesitant buyers to take the plunge. Reviews, after all, shape your reputation in the eyes of potential customers.

  • Become more searchable: Even within Amazon’s own algorithms, Amazon reviewers can make a big difference. More reviews and higher ratings make your products more easily accessible to search engines and give you a competitive edge when it comes to the Buy Box.

How to Encourage Feedback from Amazon Reviewers


If you want quality customer reviews, you can’t just wait around for them to come to you. Rather, make collecting feedback an ongoing goal for your Amazon business. From the basic to the more involved, you have a lot of options for how you can nudge your customers to leave their feedback on their purchase experience. Here are a few of the best ways to do just that.

  • Build customer relationships: The first step on the road to getting tons of positive customer reviews is to focus on the service you provide. But don’t just offer quality products. You need to go a bit further to build relationships with your customers. When you establish customer loyalty, Amazon shoppers are far more likely to be willing to provide a review of their positive experiences. Even if they don’t take it upon themselves to submit one, these customers are already poised for your next step.
  • Ask for feedback directly: After you provide excellent customer service, you can much more confidently ask your customer base to give you a review directly. Of course, you have a ton of options available to you to do this. You could send follow-up emails to customers who complete a purchase. Or, more broadly, you could elicit feedback over social media and even in an email newsletter if you have it. What works for you may vary, but be willing to try multiple approaches before settling on which one(s) you prefer.
  • Target specific reviewers: While not everyone will want to write up an Amazon product review, those who have a history of doing so are more likely to do it for you. So you can always take your efforts a step further and reach out directly to users who reviewed products like yours. With a bit of digging, this information is shockingly easy to find on Amazon. Moreover, you could pursue top Amazon reviewers as well, which leads directly to our next topic.

How to Attract Amazon Top Reviewers to Take Action


Amazon defines its “top reviewers” as those who “have helped millions of their fellow customers make informed purchase decisions on with their consistently helpful, high-quality reviews.” So getting any of these individuals to write a review of your product is a hugely impactful way to get noticed. If you’re wondering how to get noticed by Amazon top reviewers, here are some helpful tips to get you going.

  • Navigate the Top Reviewers list: Amazon gives you an easy way to glimpse which reviewers are currently ranking high as well as those with a long history of top reviews. To leverage this data, you need to know how to navigate it accordingly. To identify which reviewers are best suited for your products, take a look at the tags each listed name carries and find the ones that match your focus.

  • Get organized: Once you know how to separate the reviewers who apply to you from those who do not, you’ll be much better positioned to leverage this resource. Begin building a running list of reviewers you want to reach out to and do some research to find their contact information. An email address is ideal, but these days, you can probably count on social media otherwise.

  • Make contact: Now it’s time to reach out. Send a personalized email (or direct message) to each reviewer. Establish your familiarity with their reviews and kindly request they provide an honest review of your product. Although you might not get as many replies -- interested or not -- as you’d like, persistence is key. And just one Amazon top reviewer counts for a lot.

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