Joe Lister’s New Shopify integration - A Review from Seller Spike

What is Joe Lister?

Joe Lister enables Amazon sellers to list products from their Amazon account to eBay, and now Shopify. With just one click, Joe Lister automatically populates your eBay and Shopify listings including images, descriptions, and any other product information. This platform also keeps the prices and quantities of products listed between channels in sync to simplify listing and selling on multiple channels. 

So, if you are primarily an Amazon seller looking to list your products on eBay and/or Shopify, Joe Lister is the perfect solution to save time and ensure your products are listed identically and with accurate information across platforms.

Joe Lister’s New Shopify Integration 

Joe Lister’s new Shopify integration makes it incredibly easy to list any of your Amazon products to your Shopify store. After signing up for Joe Lister, you will want to enter your Amazon credentials, eBay settings and/or authorize Shopify. After setting up your account, your inventory will automatically populate in Joe Lister under ‘Amazon Inventory’. You will then go through and click ‘List on Shopify’ to any items you want to add to your Shopify store. It really is as simple as that. The Shopify item ID number will also be listed under the product’s title in Joe Lister. The product’s name, description, SKU, and any related images will be listed under the ‘Products’ tab on Shopify along with the amount of inventory available. 

For added exposure, you may also choose to list your products on eBay. The process is similar to that of Shopify when adding items from Joe Lister. Just click ‘List on eBay’ and within seconds you will see the item listed on your eBay account. Want to unlist an item from Shopify or eBay? Simply click ‘Unpublish on Shopify’ or ‘Unpublish from eBay’ to remove the listing. 


The simplification doesn’t stop there. Under ‘Listings’ you are able to choose whether you want to view items that you have listed on Shopify or eBay. If you select ‘Shopify’, you will be able to view all of the items you have chosen to list on Shopify. Same goes for the ‘Sales’ tab. Here you are able to view any listings that have sold on either Shopify or eBay, subsequently streamlining sales between the three platforms.

One additional feature on the Amazon Inventory, Listings, and Sales pages is the ability to search for a product or even use the ‘Bulk Actions’ option. The Bulk Actions option varies per page but it allows you to select multiple items to publish, reprice, remove, etc. simultaneously. 

Joe Lister Customer Service 

Joe Lister provides excellent customer service extended via support ticket which includes a detailed message about any issues you may be experiencing, examples, and screenshots. They also offer live support and an extensive help center and FAQs pages that aim to solve any problems you may encounter while using the software. 


Joe Lister is an amazing tool for inventory management especially if you want to list your products and keep track of inventory and sales on more than one platform. It not only saves time and money but it leaves little room for listing errors. It is an awesome tool if you have a lot of inventory and a large variety of products that you want to quickly list on multiple platforms to optimize profitability.

While Joe Lister is a great inventory management and listing tool, it does not allow you to visualize sales and orders, track keywords or optimize listings. When looking for an all-in-one tool to optimize listings, analyze ad spend, and manage international marketplaces, a software like Seller Spike might be your solution. These two softwares can be used in conjunction to seamlessly get the most out of your e-commerce business ventures. 

Originally published Oct 13, 2020 10:25:38 AM / Updated October 16, 2020