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When looking for Amazon Analytics software, there are a lot of questions people ask. How much will it cost me? What software is the best on the market? Can I try it before I buy it? And what’s the difference between each of them?

To help you answer these questions quickly, Seller Spike has created a simple overview of how we stack up against our main competitors that you can check out here. But, if you stumbled upon our website because you’re specifically looking for a Fetcher alternative, keep reading.

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Seller Spike Supports More Marketplaces Than Fetcher

While Fetcher only supports North America and Europe marketplaces, Seller Spike is able to work with almost any marketplace. 

Seller Spike supported marketplaces include North America, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. 

We’re even working to add more marketplaces like Brazil, which will soon be supported too.

Monitor Keywords For All of Your Products

Ranking for highly searched keywords is a major contributor to being successful as an Amazon Seller. 

While Fetcher doesn’t track keywords at all, Seller Spike allows you to track any keyword you wish against all your ASINs. Allowing you to get all the insights you need to ensure your products are positioned as highly as possible in the Amazon search results.

Seller Spike is More Customizable Than Fetcher

Seller Spike offers a higher degree of Customization, giving you the power to decide what data you want to compare and how you want it compared. 

Fetcher is less flexible when it comes to customization of data. Making it so you have to adapt to them, instead of them adapting to the needs of your business. 

With Seller Spike’s ability to customize your charts, you will be able to dig deeper into growth opportunities for your Amazon business.

Seller Spike Automatically Tracks Units Returned in Sellable Condition

Seller Spike takes refunds & returns a step further than Fetcher by automatically tracking what units are returned in sellable condition. This means that when a unit gets returned in a sellable condition, you can rest easy knowing Seller Spike has already accounted for the cost deducted to the original order.

Seller Spike also helps you manage the status of refunds and returns. Easily locate the orders that have been refunded but haven’t returned the unit yet and discover return trends of buyers or products so you can avoid them in the future.

Analyze Your Profits From Every Angle

Understand the big picture of your business with our Profit & Losses View or get a more granular look by diving deep into the detailed metrics of an individual ASIN or SKU. 

Seller Spike also allows you to analyze your profits through Product Parent Groups, or through custom product groups you create.

With Seller Spike you will be able to have the detailed insights and data transparency you need to make better decisions for your business.

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