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You’ve decided it’s time to start looking at the data of your Amazon business. That’s an excellent decision! After all, there are few tactics quite as successful as data-driven growth if your goal is to make more money with your Amazon business. The first thing you will realize when shopping for Amazon Analytics software, however, is that there are a lot of choices out there. How can you pick the right one?


Perhaps in your research, you’ll come across HelloProfit and wonder if it’s right for you. Then again, after looking at their rigid pricing model and features, you’ll likely start looking into HelloProfit alternatives. That’s where we come in! Below we’re sharing why Seller Spike is the best Amazon Analytics software when compared to HelloProfit.

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Seller Spike Supports More Marketplaces than HelloProfit

Seller Spike is able to work with almost any marketplace. While HelloProfit only supports North America, Europe and Netherlands marketplaces, Seller Spike supports all of those plus, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore, and Australia, and soon will be supporting Brazil as well.

Seller Spike Has a Higher Degree of Customization

Seller Spike provides completely customizable charts, giving you the power to decide what data you want to compare and how you want it compared.

With the ability to customize the data you see, you will be able to dig deeper into growth opportunities for your business. You will also be able to set up your data so you can diagnose the performance of your business with just a quick glance.

Shape your data to your specific needs with Seller Spike.

Seller Spike Provides Hands-Off Unit Session Data

While HelloProfit requires you to download and install a Google Chrome extension and keep your browser open in order to obtain Unit Session Data.

Seller Spike gets this data automatically, without the Seller having to constantly update data manually with a Chrome Extension.

Unit Session is one of the most important metrics for Amazon Sellers to keep an eye on. Seller Spike lets you rest easy knowing that your Unit Session data is being accurately collected without you having to lift a finger.

Seller Spike’s Intuitive Interface

Seller Spike’s interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. In little to no time you will feel like an expert user analyzing data and finding growth opportunities for your Amazon business. 

Skip HelloProfit’s long learning curve and get faster results with Seller Spike.

Drill Down Into Your Profits

We know how important it is to deeply understand the profits of your business. That's why Seller Spike provides a Profit & Loss Summary of your business. 

Seller Spike also allows you to break down your profits in different ways. Look at data by product parent groups or create your own custom product groups to better understand the performance of your business at a more granular level.

Seller Spike lets you understand exactly how your business is performing so you can pinpoint the best growth opportunities.

Track Multiple Seller Accounts with Seller Spike

One of the most prominent disadvantages HelloProfit has is that they only allow 1 merchant account to be connected. 

Seller Spike allows Sellers to track multiple Merchant Accounts, so they can get an accurate understanding of their whole business and not just a part of it. 

Thanks to Seller Spike, tracking your real-time sales data, profits, ROI and costs for all of your seller accounts has never been easier.

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

Seller Spike’s offers several plans that fit the needs of your business. When we compare packages with HelloProfit, it’s easy to see that we’re the more affordable option, but that's not all. 

Seller Spike also has more flexible packages fitted to the needs of various Sellers. HelloProfit on the other hand has a rigid pricing model that smaller or newer sellers can’t take advantage of.

Experience better results while paying less with Seller Spike.

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