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Looking for Amazon Analytics software and ManageByStats alternatives? You’ve come to the right place. Whatever it was that lead you to this page, we’re glad you’re here! We’re Seller Spike, and we’re the best amazon analytics software on the market. Why? Let us break it down for you!

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Customize How You Look at Your Data

Seller Spike lets you completely customize data charts to your liking, giving you the power to decide what data you want to compare and how you want it compared.

Our software also allows you to look at your data from different angles so you can easily pinpoint your best growth opportunities. 

Better understand the performance of your business by looking at data the way you want to.

Analyze Business Performance on a Product-by-Product Basis

Seller Spike not only lets you analyze the performance of your business at a high-level, you can also get granular with detailed data on each of your products.

Drill down into the metrics of an individual ASIN or SKU, look at your profits by Product Parents, or create custom product groups with our Product Insights dashboard. 

Have the insights and transparency you need to make important decisions on a product-by-product basis.

Seller Spike Takes Refunds & Returns to the Next Level

Seller Spike automatically tracks what units are returned in sellable condition. When a unit is returned in sellable condition you can rest easy knowing Seller Spike has already accounted for the cost deducted to the original order.

If you’re using ManageByStats refunds & returns are more tedious process, you will need to manually update your data for units that are returned in sellable condition. Otherwise, your data on refunds & returns will inaccurate. 

Comprehensive Data on Promos and Coupons

Promotions need to be carefully monitored to make sure that they are working as intended.

That's why Seller Spike offers detailed analytics on Promos and Coupons. Monitor exactly how these are performing for your business so you can eliminate the ones not working and scale the ones that are.

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