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It’s no secret that there is a lot of software on the market for Amazon Sellers looking to grow and scale their businesses. While there are some wonderful tools that certainly make it easier to grow an Amazon business, buying all these pieces of software can quickly add up resulting in high monthly operating costs. 


To help you compare tools quickly, Seller Spike has created a simple overview of how we stack up against our main competitors that you can check out here. But, if you stumbled upon our website because you’re specifically looking for a SellerBoard alternative, keep reading.

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Seller Spike Provides Keyword Insights for Growth

Ranking for highly searched keywords in your niche plays a huge role on the success of an Amazon Seller. 

The better your product listings rank, the more sales you will make. Not taking advantage of keywords means leaving lots of money on the table for another Seller to grab.

While SellerBoard doesn’t even begin to provide keyword insights, Seller Spike allows you to track any keyword you wish against all your ASINs. 

With Seller Spike you can get the clarity you need to ensure your product listings rank at the top of the search results inside of Amazon. 

Don’t Lose Track of COGS When Units Get Returned

SellerBoard and Seller Spike both have extensive capabilities to track and manage refunds & returns. The biggest difference between the two comes down to what happens to the COGS of a returned item. 

Seller Spike, automatically tracks what units are returned in a sellable condition. When a unit is returned in sellable condition you can rest easy knowing Seller Spike has already accounted for the cost deducted to the original order.

SellerBoard on the other hand, has a more tedious process. When a unit is returned in a sellable condition, you need to reverse the cost of sales manually to be able to calculate your profit properly.

Seller Spike Is Intuitive

Seller Spike’s interface is simple and easy to use. In little to no time you will feel like an expert finding growth opportunities hidden in your data. 

Don’t get stuck on a long learning curve with SellerBoard, quickly find growth opportunities for your business with Seller Spike’s easy-to-use interface.

Break Down Your Profits on a Product-by-Product Basis

We know how crucial it is to deeply understand the profits of your business. That's why Seller Spike not only provides a big picture look at your Profit & Loss Summary, but also allows you to get granular and break down your profits in different ways.

Dive into the detailed metrics of an individual ASIN or SKU, look at your profits by Product Parent Groups, or create your own custom product groups to analyze. 

Have all the information you need to make better decisions for your business on a product-by-product basis.

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