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When looking for Amazon tools, the first thing you’ll notice is that there are a lot of options out there. If you’re looking for an analytics platform and stumble upon Sellics, for example, you might find yourself asking, “Why would I choose Seller Spike instead?”. We could tell you that when it comes to Sellics alternatives, you can’t find a better option than Seller Spike. While we’re at it, we could tell you that we’re the best Amazon Analytics software on the market. But, we’ve found that the show is better than the tell. With that in mind, let us show you why we’re the more reliable option.

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Seller Spike Supports More Marketplaces than Sellics

Sellics supports a variety of marketplaces, United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and India. 

Seller Spike allows you to integrate all of those marketplaces except for India, but Seller Spike also integrates with Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Japan, and soon enough the Brazilian marketplace as well.

Customize & Analyze Your Data However You Want 

Seller Spike lets you customize data to your specific needs. Giving you the power to decide what data you want to compare and how you want it compared.

Customize your charts to the needs of your business and analyze your profits in different ways, so you can pinpoint the best growth opportunities for your business. 

Look at the big picture in your data with Profit & Loss Summaries or get granular by looking at product parent groups or your own custom product groups. 

Don’t get Blindsided by Taxes

Seller Spike gives you the ability to estimate taxes on your gross sales, while also tracking any taxes that Amazon automatically calculates. 

Looking at your Profits is great, but if you don’t factor taxes until the last minute, you will be disappointed to see your business earn less than what you thought. 

Seller Spike allows you to accurately see your bottom line with taxes included, which in turn helps you run a better business.

Seller Spike Takes Refunds & Returns a Step Further

Seller Spike automatically tracks what units are returned in sellable condition. When a unit is returned in sellable condition you can rest easy knowing Seller Spike has already accounted for the cost deducted to the original order.

Sellics on the other hand, will always apply the worst-case-scenario of units being returned. Meaning that even if the unit is deemed to be in a sellable condition, it won’t consider it that way. So if you want to have accurate data on your refunds & returns, you need to manually update your data. 

Seller Spike Integrates Multiple Seller Central Accounts In One Place.

Tracking your real-time sales data, profits, ROI and costs for all of your seller accounts has never been easier. 

While Sellics only allows you to integrate one Amazon Seller account at a time, Seller Spike allows you to analyze each component of your business across multiple Amazon Seller accounts. Giving you the ability to manage and view all the data of your Amazon business in a single interface. 

Get More Results for Less

Not only does Seller Spike have all of these amazing advantages over Sellics, but to put the icing on the cake Seller Spike is also more affordable at every tier of deals. 

Whether you’re a new or veteran seller, Seller Spike will get you a better ROI than Sellics will.

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